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Komm' auf mein Begräbnis, und, dann wirst Du auf meinem Grabstein tanzen.

Prussia (ˈprʌʃə), never to be confused with Russia (unless you want a jackboot in the face), was a pissed-off and usually very angry Teutonic state in Northern Europe that no longer exists except as a state of mind. Forged from a mixture of Protestant work-ethic and militarism, Prussians were so tough that the terrified, fleeing peoples whose lands bordered theirs widely believed they were hatched from cannonballs. When dealing with them, just remember: "Never piss off a Prussian."

[[ Independent RP blog for the character Prussia, Gilbert Beilschmidt, from the webcomic and series Axis Powers Hetalia. I will RP all time frames, including Teutonic, Dutchy, Kingdom, WWI & WWII periods, Iron Curtain (GDR) and modern day Prussia. Lit is preferred, and don't be scared to message me for an RP! ]]

Current Magic Anon Status: None.

Active on Tumblr since May 2011-ish, but has been played since some time in 2008.

Neues palais, sanssouci. 

Neues palais, sanssouci. 

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